Posted June 24 2015


Its goal is just simple: to simulate the mouse buttons using the keyboard. Almost all key can be bonded with a simple interface and (hopefully) enjoyable. Your mouse works poorly or the buttons on your trackpad are impractical Middlmouse is there for help you.

• Simulate the 3 mouse buttons using the keyboard.
• Launch the application on start up. The keys are then automatically activated.
• Show the key names in French or English. because we do not necessarily know them.
• Change bind for activate/inactivate the keys.
• Show the activation status via a led on the keyboard.
V. 0.8 (Jun 9 2015 )
• Beta release.
V. 0.8.1 (Jun 10 2015)
• Fixed a bug that prevented deactivating the keys if the app is launched on start up.
V. 0.9 (Jun 12 2015 )
• Menu has fully remake. Its appearance no longer varies according to the theme of your OS.
• More keys can be bonded.
• Add a bind setting for activate the keys.
• Scroll lock led on the keyboard show the activation status now.
• We can delete binds now.
• Translation of the keys that are missing.
• If we gone in settings or about then the keys are activate, they are activate again after.
V. 1.0 (July 2 2015 )
• Middlmouse can supports many languages now.
• It is no longer possible to use Windows and Escape keys for activate.
• Add the help page.
• About page is now est complete.
• We can minimize Middlmouse in the system tray.
• Window position is saves when we leave the application.
• Add icons for cancel key bindings.
• Some key names were not exact, it has been fixed.
• Middlmouse no longer restart when we save.
• The counter used for debugging has vanished.
V. 1.01 (July 26 2015 )
• The texts do not appear, this has been fixed.

Steam Powered Phénix, Seyjin.
Windows XP or later.


File Description Downloads
Middlmouse v. 1.01 866
Middlmouse_sources_1-01 867

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