2017, lazy once again ?

Posted May 18 2017 ; 1 comment

Hi, hi,

Yui, we’re still here, one again. However, there’s not much to say. Still, there is…

Video Games

I’m not a Frog project evolved a little. At first, it was just a test/personal trial to create a game in HTML5. Not really satisfactory in the end. Still, I like this game, so I decided to start from ashes… Well, not really from ashes.

• Nextplosion, a new game which goal is to create chain reactions to blow everything! There will be various challenges based on the number of dots, originals situations and customizabled in order to challenge your friends.

• I have started a new project : Slimetales… I’ll talk about it another time.


FeatherLinks, a tool to create symlinks, has been upgraded bit by bit during 2016 and is (finally) now completed.


• I really like Starbound. A.V.I.A.N. is a mod which I fell in love with. It replace the original AI with another one a little (completely) mad but moving. So, I put all my heart to translate this mod in French ♥

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