10010 (Eighteen)

Posted August 13 2017


Hi hi!

“There is 10 kinds of people, those who know how to count to 31 in one hand and the others”.
With 10010, you can join this nullth category.
The purpose is really simple : click on a finger to add his value or write a number.

• Not much, actually.
beta 0 (March 2017)
• Presentation, colored cirecles replaced the fingers.
beta 1 (1st May 2017 )
• Truth to be told, nothing much.
beta 2 (8th August 2017 )
• Replacement of the base’s assets by a picture of a hand.
beta 4 (9th August 2017 )
• Some modifications and correction of visual bugs.
• The fingers bend at the value 0.
beta 7 (10th August 2017 )
• Added an help section.
• Replacement of buttons -1 and +1 with cuter ones.
• Added a background picture.
• Modification of the fingers’ shape.
10010 (11th August 2017 )
• Modification of the font.
• Correction of the text’s aligning.

Steam Powered Phénix, Seyjin.

More content:
downnload area.

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